What can we do for you?

We work high pressure - to your advantage

We know exactly what to look for and find the right approach even in complex situations. Do you want to improve planning? We develop an effective concept. Are you preparing an overhaul? We know what matters. Do you expect a cost-effective and low-risk inspection of your plant? We develop a clever concept with which you save money and drive safely. You want to test the concepts of your providers? We adhere to the four-eye-principle so that nothing escapes you.

No matter what the performance, the most important thing is a detailed discussion, precise analyses and a systematic approach. We act neutrally and independently. This means that you will receive honest statements from us regarding necessary measures or products, as we are not obligated to anyone but you in our cooperation. 

We are under steam for you

We know how to generate steam. The different firing processes are no foreign words to us. For example, fluidized bed combustion is a wide field that we know down to the last grain of sand. Here, too, we offer you our advice on all questions. We know exactly what to look for and find the right approach even in complex situations. Do you want to improve planning? We develop an effective concept. 

And when it comes to damage investigations, optimisation of operations, maintenance or accompanying planning supervision, for example, we are working at full speed. We are not only familiar with the different boiler designs, but also with the versatility and properties of the different fuels.

For example, you want to adapt the fuel belt to current requirements? We investigate the feasibility. Are you looking for savings in maintenance? We have the right ideas. 

When things get hot, you can count on us

We get to work for you in the field of refractory construction, i.e. the refractory lining of thermal plants. 

We supplement your knowledge with our experience of various plants from all over the world. You want to know the current condition of your lining? We look into every corner and provide reliable expertise. You want to know more about the service life of your lining? We give you reliable and independent recommendations. You want to ensure the quality of craftsmanship in planning and execution? Our quality monitoring during construction gives you the necessary security. Do you need short-term repair planning? Trust our experience.


Your plant is complex. It does not only consist of a variety of compounds but it founds on manpower and a diversity of operating systems.

Quality management

In more than 30 years of practice, we have come across almost every pitfall that can occur during processing and maintenance, as well as in newly constructed industrial plants.


Upgrading, repairing, restructuring, or retrofitting — no matter which project you are about to start, we will develop a master plan that meets all your requirements.


We are confident that your plant has the potential to be even more efficient and profitable. Many aspects play a role here and we examine each one to check its correlation and impact on the overall activity of your plant.


We are keen to share our knowledge with you and your employees, giving you a deeper understanding of all your plant requirements.


Reviewing and monitoring plants while covering all components can be tricky. Some weaknesses are not immediately visible to the naked eye or can be hidden behind insulation or steel panels.