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TROST Energy Consult is a member of professional associations that represent the interests of plant operators, manufacturers, and refractory construction specialists. These also involve the fields of machinery and plant engineering. In this way, we always have up-to-date access to current developments of the industry, are in contact quickly with national and international decision-makers and exchange information on new technology, workshops and other relevant aspects of our shared fields of expertise.


Technical union of large power plant operators

VGB PowerTech is a non-profit organization and international professional association for generating and saving energy and heat. Members are plant operators and manufacturers who work towards the goal of supporting other companies in generating and saving energy and heat as well as accumulating secondary products.

  • Founding member of the "Technical Committee for Fluidized Bed Firing Systems" from 1989 to 2006
  • Since 2007 permanent guest "Working Group Fluidized Bed Firing Systems".
  • Head of the working group: Refractory linings in fluidized bed furnaces.


German union for refractory and chimney construction

The DGFS has been one of the most important mergers in the refractory and chimney construction businesses. The association has taken care of every aspect and development of the industry and its companies since 1985. Members are highly specialized craft and construction companies as well as non-incorporated firms.

  • Personal member since 2007 and participating in working groups on technical development 


Federal Association of Sworn Experts

As a registered association, the BVS represents various professions and is responsible for the public appointment and swearing-in of qualified experts. These experts provide opinions for the judiciary and authorities, economy, industry and trade, as well as private individuals. 

  • Member of the regional association Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein since 2009.


Association of technical experts

The BTE is the association of leading experts in Germany with specialised engineers in different fields. BTE experts are considered to be highly qualified, reliable and trustworthy.

Whenever major assessments and loss adjustment evaluations are required in Germany, in most cases you will find that experts or loss adjusters have been assigned to the task who are BTE members.


The engineering office TROST Energy Consult in Flensburg is your partner with international reach and decades of experience, which sees itself as a pioneer in refractory construction.


Why are your costs increasing? Are those expenses justified? Is your plant running as it should? Are you receiving the right information from your colleagues, contractors, and manufacturers? We can help you answer these questions and together, we will find the best results.

Occuptional safety and health management

Our employees at TEC are our most valuable assets. They are our key to success. We believe that motivation and loyalty to a company only comes when colleagues are healthy and working in a sound and constructive working environment.

The team

A team - committed, motivated, competent and experienced. And when it matters, we react quickly and flexibly. We can also fall back on freelance engineers from our network.