Expert reports, condition assessment, and damage management – nothing escapes us

Your plant is complex. It does not only consist of a variety of compounds but it founds on manpower and a diversity of operating systems. We always take the plant as a whole into account, acknowledging correlations to help find and eliminate malfunctions. During a general and comprehensive inspection, we assess the condition of your plant and manage repairs and maintenance from the planning stage to execution, and if necessary, negotiations with industrial property and fire insurance companies regarding the obligation to indemnify.

You can trust in our recommendations for repairs and renovations — we do plausibility checks of invoices for deliveries and services. With us as a long-term partner, you will benefit from the continuous maintenance of your plant. And as expert witnesses, we also create well-founded and case-dependent appraisals for insurance companies and courts. And we accompany as experts in damage management.


We know exactly what to look for and find the right approach even in complex situations. Do you want to improve planning? We develop an effective concept. Are you preparing an overhaul?

Quality management

In more than 30 years of practice, we have come across almost every pitfall that can occur during processing and maintenance, as well as in newly constructed industrial plants.


Upgrading, repairing, restructuring, or retrofitting — no matter which project you are about to start, we will develop a master plan that meets all your requirements.


We are confident that your plant has the potential to be even more efficient and profitable. Many aspects play a role here and we examine each one to check its correlation and impact on the overall activity of your plant.


We are keen to share our knowledge with you and your employees, giving you a deeper understanding of all your plant requirements.


Reviewing and monitoring plants while covering all components can be tricky. Some weaknesses are not immediately visible to the naked eye or can be hidden behind insulation or steel panels.