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We consult, inspect and act

Why are your costs increasing? Are those expenses justified? Is your plant running as it should? Are you receiving the right information from your colleagues, contractors, and manufacturers? We can help you answer these questions and together, we will find the best results.

We want to assure you that there is a solution to every problem. Through our collaboration, we systematically analyze your requirements and the conditions on site. We look at your plant as a whole, with open eyes and in detail. We will not stop until we find the source of problems or detect any errors. We examine your current strategy and seek to find a new and perhaps more efficient course of action, talking about the feasibility of ideas. The dual control principle is a key part of our philosophy and indispensible when it comes to minimizing risks and errors. 

Above all, we want you to be satisfied. This is our main goal. Of course, we have our standards, but we do not stop just there. We are flexible and will take a keen look at what you need and where any potential for improvements is hidden.

Trust is the leading value in all our endeavors. We create and justify trust by aspiring to transparency and honesty. As our consultation service is paramount, we always act in your best interest and rely on our competence and expertise. Our CEO Matthias Trost is a publicly appointed and sworn expert for his specialty of steam boiler plants and refractory construction, with the Flensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce issuing the certificate. With his long-standing experience and comprehensive know-how, Matthias Trost is at your service at any time.

TROST Energy Consult

With Power at the Plant

Occuptional safety and health management

Our employees at TEC are our most valuable assets. They are our key to success. We believe that motivation and loyalty to a company only comes when colleagues are healthy and working in a sound and constructive working environment.

The team

A team - committed, motivated, competent and experienced. And when it matters, we react quickly and flexibly. We can also fall back on freelance engineers from our network.


TROST Energy Consult is a member of professional associations that represent the interests of plant operators, manufacturers, and refractory construction specialists.


The engineering office TROST Energy Consult in Flensburg is your partner with international reach and decades of experience, which sees itself as a pioneer in refractory construction.