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Welcome to TROST Energy Consult — your engineering and expert office for steam boiler plants, refractory lining, circulating fluidized bed firing, and much more. Situated in Flensburg, Germany’s northernmost port, we have many years of experience in our specialized fields and a great team that builds on this solid foundation. Together, we are always on the look out for innovation and practical solutions - connecting well-founded and comprehensive expertise with a clear view of the future.

Our primary focus as engineers is on consulting. Here, we concentrate on furnace and power plants as well as thermal processing plants, especially within the fields of energy and the environment, but we also deal with the chemical and the metal industry. You will benefit from our expertise in circulating fluidized bed combustion, pulverized coal firing, and grate firing. We are familiar with all types of rotary kilns and boilers, as well as diverse plants, models, and fuels.

We are familiar with all requirements connected with the conditions on site at the plant and with design, installation and commissioning - here we are happy to lend you our keen eye for inspection and damage analysis. We prepare expert opinions and provide quality monitoring during construction. In this way we create security and optimize processes. Efficient life cycle management is just as much a part of our tasks as the development of remediation concepts and the planning and coordination of maintenance measures.

Experts for refractory 

Refractory construction or, to be more precise, refractory lining in plants is one of our areas of expertise. It protects the compounds of a plant from chemical dangers, high temperatures and the mechanical effects on boilers and rotary kilns during circulating fluidized bed combustion and grate firing. We are proven in theory and practice and bring the requirements and problems to the point. We are familiar with different lining systems and materials in refractory construction.

Experts for steam boiler plants

A further special field are steam boiler plants. More precisely, the optimisation of operation and maintenance of steam generators, as well as the planning and monitoring of plant revisions for fluidised bed and grate firing systems, firing systems for pulverised, gas and liquid fuels of fossil or biogenic energy sources as well as waste fractions and sewage sludge. We withstand the pressure to solve operational challenges.

Are you a plant operator?

We have in-depth knowledge of the industry through our long-standing experience. If you have any difficulties, we will quickly find the root of the problem, and as nothing goes unnoticed, we can work together to streamline the operation of your plant.

Are you a technical insurance company or legal authority?

As a publicly certified and sworn expert for steam boiler plants and refractory lining, CEO and Dipl.-Ing. (Master of Mechanical Engineering) Matthias Trost supports businesses and insurance companies as an expert witness. Weprovide preservation of evidence, evaluates damages and mediates in arbitration and expert procedures. A comprehensive damage control system, from the investigation of cause to the development of repair strategies and technical processing, completes our range of services. In the case of legal disputes, we also support courts as independent expert.

Are you a plant designer or provider of steam boiler plants?

We know both sides of the story in the industry, from the supplier or buyer’s point of view. We are therefore able to advise both plant operators and manufacturers. The individual aspects of a plant lead to a specific kind of processing and exact requirements for refractory construction. We support you with these different concepts and carry out quality control during production processes.

We are your proficient partner

In our role as consulting engineers for steam boiler plants and refractory lining, it is important to us that we see eye-to-eye on the matters of your facility. Benefit from our wide-ranging experience and the deep insight into all processes that we have gained throughout the years. We want to convince you both respectfully and sensitively using our definitive skills of analysis, precision, and reliability. You can count on us even in the most complex and challenging cases. We ensure you stay on track and reach every one of your goals. We always work according to the dual control principle.


We know exactly what to look for and find the right approach even in complex situations. Do you want to improve planning? We develop an effective concept. Are you preparing an overhaul?


Your plant is complex. It does not only consist of a variety of compounds but it founds on manpower and a diversity of operating systems.

Quality management

In more than 30 years of practice, we have come across almost every pitfall that can occur during processing and maintenance, as well as in newly constructed industrial plants.


Upgrading, repairing, restructuring, or retrofitting — no matter which project you are about to start, we will develop a master plan that meets all your requirements.


We are confident that your plant has the potential to be even more efficient and profitable. Many aspects play a role here and we examine each one to check its correlation and impact on the overall activity of your plant.


We are keen to share our knowledge with you and your employees, giving you a deeper understanding of all your plant requirements.


Reviewing and monitoring plants while covering all components can be tricky. Some weaknesses are not immediately visible to the naked eye or can be hidden behind insulation or steel panels.